Asparagus and Technology for World Bee Day

May 20th is the day dedicated to bees and other pollinating insects. These small creatures are indispensable for preserving our planet. From small to large entities, everyone is trying to contribute to safeguarding these insects. It is in this spirit that the collaboration between the Distretto del Cibo Chierese and Carmagnolese and PETRONAS Lubricants International was born. But what do lubricants have to do with bees and honey? Much more than one might imagine, and to explain it, a morning dedicated to Bees, Asparagus, and Biodiversity will take place at the Santena Asparagus Festival, May 26th. Two meetings are scheduled starting at 11 AM in Piazza Martiri della Libertà to highlight the role of bees in our ecosystem.

The World on the Shoulders of Bees

Those colourful insects, that we usually associate with the natural sweetener we put in tea to soothe a sore throat, or with characters from children’s cartoons, actually share more in common with the mythical Titan Atlas who holds up the world.

Although pollinator species are so crucial to the survival of not only humans but most living beings on the planet, 40% of them are at risk of global extinction. The Living Planet Index has recorded an average decline of 49% in the butterfly population monitored from 1990 to 2017.

These creatures must be protected as much as possible because, despite their small size, their impact is gigantic.

Saving Bees between Nature and Technology

The PETRONAS project “Bees and Biodiversity” is a testament to the increasingly widespread commitment of the industrial world to environmental protection. We must be aware that even small actions can make a big difference in the ecosystem. the company PETRONAS, based in Santena – Villastellone, has decided to host beehives at its facility. This promotes a sustainable approach both within the company and towards the local community.

Thanks to the collaboration with Urban Beekeeping, the company is carrying out various projects to tell and protect the world of bees, through guided tours in the company, social projects, and free workshops in the area, such as the one scheduled for May 26th in Santena. Bee My Job is a social beekeeping project born to offer professional training and job placement opportunities for asylum seekers and refugees, to build a non-discriminatory, inclusive, and multicultural society that respects people and the environment. The Bee My Job initiative emphasizes the importance of valuing diversity.

“Api-tech: Sweet Fluids and Technology” is another initiative that PETRONAS has launched aimed at primary school children. The workshop stems from the desire to open the doors of the Global Research and Technology Centre by proposing a tailor-made approach to technology, business culture, scientific research, and sustainability. There are many parallels between the world of bees and that of PETRONAS Lubricants International. These similarities are highlighted in this workshop to tell children about the work of scientists.

Bees, Asparagus, and Biodiversity

“Bees, Asparagus, and Biodiversity” is, finally, the workshop scheduled for Sunday. To participate in the initiative, you can fill out the form at the link:

The first session is from 11 AM to 12 PM, and the second from 12 PM to 1 PM. The world of bees will be explored, highlighting their crucial role as pollinators for the environment and the survival of living beings. Participants will be explained the dynamics of bee colonies and how to preserve and protect them. Subsequently, from 2 PM, there will be the installation of the Bug Hotel.

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