“Di Freisa in Freisa” 2024: bike tours and typical dishes

The Distretto del Cibo Chierese-Carmagnolese announces the launch of a new bike tour program, an initiative that combines exploring the region with cycling routes and the pleasure of fine dining. The program will be officially presented on Saturday, May 18 at 11:30 AM, in conjunction with the renowned regional event “Di Freisa in Freisa“.

Freisa in Freisa Bike Tours

During the announcement, which will take place at the Distretto del Cibo Chierese-Carmagnolese’s stand in Piazza Cavour, the mayors of the involved cities will present the schedule of the bike tours. These tours will traverse landscapes rich in history, nature, and gastronomy, accompanied by fairs and local festivals. This experience will offer participants a journey of discovery and tasting of the Food District’s products.

The initiative aims to promote slow tourism, allowing the exploration of the region’s beauty on two wheels, with stops at various food and wine events along the routes.

The Distretto del Cibo Chierese-Carmagnolese will be present at the XIV edition of “Di Freisa in Freisa,” held in the Municipality of Chieri from May 17 to 19, 2024. This event celebrates the richness and diversity of Freisa di Chieri. In fact, it is a grape variety with over fifty years of DOC recognition, and represents one of the most anticipated events of the year.

The Food District’s Stand

This year, the Distretto del Cibo Chierese-Carmagnolese will have a dedicated stand where visitors can discover and savour the gastronomic excellences of the region.

The event “Di Freisa in Freisa” aligns with the mission of the District to promote the culture of quality food. Additionally, the event supports local producers and offers participants an enriching food and wine experience.

“Di Freisa in Freisa” is a celebration of taste, culture, and tradition. It is an event that fully embraces the beauty and flavours of the Chierese and Carmagnolese regions.

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