The 26th annual Black Cherry Festival

Between June 6th and 10th, 2024, the 26th Black Cherry Festival of Trofarello will take place. From 7 PM to midnight, visitors can go to Piazza Europa in Trofarello to taste the enogastronomic product cultivated by local producers. This annual event celebrates cherries, a beloved fruit cultivated with care in the region, offering everyone an opportunity to discover authentic and traditional flavours.

The festival program

The Pro Loco of Trofarello has organised five days filled with music and food, perfect for those who love the convivial summer atmosphere. On Sunday, June 9th, at 9 in the morning, the black cherry walk will start, a scenic walk that will allow visitors to explore cherry fields and meet local producers who are part of the Chierese and Carmagnolese Food District. This route will offer an immersion into the world of local agriculture, showing cultivation methods and the producers’ passion for quality.

For those who simply wish to purchase some of the enogastronomic products available at the Festival, there will be a hobby and km Ø products market. Here it will be possible to find local excellences, from cheeses to cured meats, from sweets to local wines. A particularly awaited event will be the election of Miss Cherry 2024, which will take place on Monday, June 10th.

The Black Cherry Walk

Starting from Piazza Europa, near the Trofarello train station, at 9:30 it will be possible to participate in the cherry walk. Organized by the Dynamic Walking Group, the Pro Loco, and the Farmers of Trofarello, this activity involves visiting various local producers, including Frutti Rossi and Azienda Agricola Ferrero Lorenzo. Participants will have the opportunity to see cherry plantations up close, discover the secrets of their cultivation, and taste fresh fruits directly from the plant. The walk will conclude at 12 with a Cherry aperitif offered to all participants.

An opportunity not to be missed

The Cherry Festival represents a unique opportunity to share and appreciate products grown right in the territory of the Chierese and Carmagnolese Food District. In addition to being a festive and social gathering. The festival is also a way to support the local economy and promote sustainable agriculture that respects the environment. By participating in this event, visitors will not only be able to enjoy excellent cherries but also learn about the stories and traditions that make this fruit so special.

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